Meet Alice Homewood, our community podcast creator.

This is the brilliant Alice Homewood, who worked with primary schools and care homes to record our community podcast for Foresters’ Forest Landscape Partnership. We put together 38 questions about the 38 different parts of this project, and Alice recorded the results for us. So we asked Alice a few questions about her job…

Alice Homewood recording community podcast

Wyldwood Arts: Can you tell us more about yourself and what you do?

Alice: I’m a freelance radio producer, so you’ll usually find me with a mic in my hand. I’m currently producing documentaries for the BBC Radio 4 series ‘The Untold’ and Bristol-based BCFM’s ’12 Communities 1 Bristol’ project.  

Recording sound and image

WA: What inspires you?

A: There are amazing stories everywhere. I’ve found them while eavesdropping in the supermarket; reading the local papers and simply walking in the forest. The best way to develop those ideas is on a long, lone drive. I must be the only person on earth who welcomes traffic jams

WA: What preoccupies you in the work you produce?

A: My work tends to focus on the kind of drama that all of us encounter at some points in our lives: love, loss and everything in between.

WA: What is most rewarding when working with communities to produce work?

A: My goal is always to produce work that acts as a mirror, reflecting a community’s identity back at them. It’s wonderful to see those twinkles of recognition in people’s eyes when they really feel seen.

Alice Homewood

You can see what else Alice gets up to and follow her on Twitter – @AliceHomewood and Instagram – alicehomewood.

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