Meet Rose and Amy, our Playing Together team.

Rose and Amy are the brilliant artists who run our Playing Together class in Hereford, a weekly intergenerational session which allows people of all ages to play games and be silly together. We asked them a few questions about their roles, and what else they get up to…

Rose - session leader
This is Rose in the middle of a session, playing with scarves.

Wyldwood Arts: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Rose Sales: My name is Rose Sales and I’m an activity manager. I run Movement to Music Therapy classes in care homes and in the community. I also deliver relaxation therapy/ hand care sessions for people who are living with dementia in care homes.

Amy Newman: I am Amy Newman, Independent Arts practitioner, outdoor play and Forest School Leader working primarily with children and families geneerinen levitra intiasta.

WW: What is your role at Wyldwood?

RS: I work with Amy to a Playing Together class at The Courtyard every Tuesday morning.

AN: This is my first experience with Wyldwood, doing Playing Together. Bym [who works on the River Roots project] introduced me and we seem to have clicked with Rose and I co-leading.

Amy- session leader
Here you can see Amy having fun with some ribbons.

WW: Can you tell us about your favourite memory from a Wyldwood project?

AN: I fondly remember singing with young and old people together.

RS: Mine would be from the playing together project. An elderly lady with dementia was holding a small baby from the class and she said “I’d never thought I would hold a baby again” with tears in her eyes.

WW: What is the best part of the work you do for Wyldwood? 

An adult and child enjoying a playing together session.

RS: Bringing the younger generation together with the older generation.

AN: Yes, and it’s lovely to hear people have enjoyed themselves being part of our session.

WW: So, Amy, apart from working with Wyldwood Arts, you said you are a forest school leader? What does that involve?

AN: We do a number of activities which help engage children and families with nature, for pleasure and development. They help to strengthen parenting and raise self-esteem as well as simply having fun, e.g. survival skills, outdoor cooking, green woodwork, bug hunting, den building etc. This helps children and babies to develop a positive resilience and inner strength as well as a love and fascination for the natural world, which is sometimes overlooked in our ever-changing lifestyles.

WW: And Rose, can you tell us more about your movement therapy classes?

RS: Yes, outside of working with Wyldwood Arts, I deliver a fantastic fun chair based fitness class for the elderly. It’s called Movement 2 Music, and that’s on a Wednesday in Credenhill. The sessions are specifically aimed at the elderly, so we do seated led movement, and we have a variety of music and props to help encourage the movement. It’s a really fun and active session, so it doesn’t even feel like exercise.

Rose and a participant playing with scarves.

WW: Which superhero do you most identify with? Or make up your own!

AN: I think we all have the capability of superheroes and it’s nice to take time to observe the good in everyone. I’m most like Wonder Woman, very capable, big on thought, strong and persistent!

RS: Umm, I will definitely make up my own as there are no superheroes that are for the elderly. My made-up superhero would be the Elderly Whisperer because I have so much passion for the elderly, I just want to make them all happy and for them to feel their lives matter.

If you would like to come along to one of the playing together sessions, they take place at The Courtyard, Hereford, on Tuesday mornings, 10:30-12pm, and are running until December 17th.

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